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You are my type of person already. You didn't just go buy the first thing you saw. You are hungry for technical information, engineering and trade techniques inside the automotive performance aftermarket... Anything that will give your car the edge in performance. This is a place for you to learn more about performance suspension and chassis modifications. From detailed reasons for strut bar designs, to alignment tips, to mod paths and reviews, everything you need to build the best car possible is shared below!

Why Buy Chassis Braces?

Do you find yourself saying:

  • "Didn't the manufacturers do a good job?!"

  • "But my car already handles well!"

  • "What the actual F*&% is a chassis brace?"

then this article is for you! 

Innovative Materials

We use innovative and proprietary materials to produce the best chassis braces on the market. Have look at the science behind it!

Can I Make My Car Too Stiff?!

Real information regarding how braces actually make your ride smoother and less harsh!

What is the Difference Between Sway Bars, Strut Bars, and Traction Bars?

These terms get tossed around quick a bit. Want to know the difference between them and unlock even more performance in your car? Give this video a watch!

How to Mount ANYTHING to Your  Crash Bar

Want to put some cool goodies onto your crash bar but aren't sure how or if its possible? Fear not, its super easy and fun! From Big FMIC's to horns and light bars, its all been mounted! Here is the quick way to make it happen!