Scion IM(2014-2016) Traction Bar

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This brace increases traction and grip by preventing deflection in the chassis that is one of the major causes of wheel hop and torque steer! Take out the slop and stiffen up your chassis with the Traction Bar for your Scion IM. Better steering feedback, more grip and an easy bolt on install makes this brace a must do!

-Reduces wheel hop and torque steer

-Improves steering feedback

-Improves handling

-Heavy duty billet CNC machined end cups

-Black powdercoat finish

-Hand MIG welded in the USA

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iM Stiff

Ive Purchased all of TB Performance Products (Rear Strut Bar, Mid Chassis Brace, Traction Bar) available for the 2016 Scion iM/ '17-'18 Toyota Corolla iM & was instantly impressed with the results. This slow little road blazer is now one hell of a canyon machine, noticeable improvements to body roll and overall handling 'round them corners. I drive my daily to and from work on some windy roads along the Sonoma Coast and Danny's products are an investment i do not regret. Now my scion is not stock, I am on coil overs, upgraded wheels, tires and brakes. but i have no doubt in my mind that all his products will satisfy weather riding stock or custom, Plus the benefit of supporting hand crafted Made in the USA! I do looking forward to any new products Danny may Build for the underdog Scion iM/ Corolla iM. Thank you for the great products and customer satisfaction.