Ford Focus RS RDU Brace Installation Guide

focus rs rdu brace install guide -

Ford Focus RS RDU Brace Installation Guide

Congrats on purchasing your RDU Brace. In 45 minutes or so youll have this brace on and be ready to put the power to the wheels for your next canyon run or track day!


Step 1.) Lift the car and place it on ramps or jacks. You can just lift the rear of the car for this part


Step 2.) Locate the two oem stamped braces on the rear subfrane just below the RDU


Step 3.) Remove these braces and save the hardware.


Step 4.) Slip the brace on and reuse the oem hardware to install the brace.


Step 5.) Torque the bolts to spec. Ford has told us 85 ft lbs. you can also call your ford dealer and provide your vin to get your exact years torque value.


Step 6.) Take some pictures and send them to us!


Step 7.) Lower the car off stands or ramps and go take it for a rip!




-If you get clunking noises, this brace is not likely to be the cause unless you grossly undertightened the bolts. Common areas for clunking noises are end links, sway bar mounts, sway bar bushings, strut hat bushings, ball joints. We have never had this brace cause noises so check elsewhere.


-if you have issues with installation check the TB Performance Products Army Facebook page! There are loads of customers who have installed these parts and can help you out.


-You will NOT need an alignment after this install.

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