Ford Focus ST(2013-2018) Brake Master Cylinder Brace

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Get rid of that squishy brake pedal and increase pedal feel with this easy to install brake master cylinder brace! When braking hard, the master cylinder is capable of flexing in the firewall, reducing braking control. Reinforcing this area is key to making manageable and firm brake modulation while adding bling to your engine bay!

The Problem:

The oem brake master cylinder bolts directly to the firewall. being an unsupported piece oof sheet metal and given the large amount of force exerted by the brake system, the master cylinder will actually move and flex under hard braking. While this does not hurt stopping distance, it does cause unpredictable and poor pedal feel.

The Solution:

This brace helps reinforce and redistribute the load on the master cylinder which increases pedal feel, makes the braking system more consistent, as well as giving the driver more confidence. This brace went through several generations and prototypes to arrive at the unit you see. Extensive design in Solidworks as well as testing on closed roads and real world mileage allowed me to produce a product that I am extremely proud of.

Stock without brace

This video shows how the vehicle stops under hard braking WITHOUT the brace. Listen to how hard the driver is fighting for traction from the beginning.

With the TB Performance Products Brake Master Cylinder Brace

This video shows how the vehicle stops under the same hard braking WITH the brace. Listen to how the driver is able to control the traction threshold of the tires easier and modulate the brakes much more effectively. This video was shot within 15 min of the first video so all conditions were the same.

-Billet 6061 Aluminum

-Hand tig welded

-Light weight

-Increased pedal feel

-More consistent braking and pedal modulation

-Works best with a TB Performance Products Strut Bar. If you are using the oem strut tower brace, you will need to remove the bar to make this work. I highly suggest running my strut bar in combination with this brace.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
well made, hard to install

Was very difficult to install - would not just slide over the single stud as in the instructions. Part was well made and is noticeable once it is installed though

Fabian Aguilar
Just amazing

Worked well with everything I have bought from TB and would keep buying more in the near future!

Does as it says

Made the brake pedal very predictable and made me feel more confident on the track. If you don't plan on using your cowl again (like if u install the front strut bar too), just cut the edge of the cowl off so you don't have to bother taking the wiper blades off.

Henry Enriquez
Easy install & noticeably firmer pedal feel

Installation was relatively straightforward and easy especially since all the holes lined up at the mounting locations. I was a little flummoxed initially since there's a little lip on the sheet metal for the sandwich plate, but that was definitely a "me" problem not a design one. The hardest part of the process was getting my wipers to line up after reinstalling lol

Lash LaRue
Does exactly what it says it does.

This brace has definitely improved brake pedal feedback. I notice that I now tend to do dumber, stupider, riskier things with the car, because the braking confidence is more inspiring — which has led to several hair-raising instances wherein my ABS was kicking in on wet pavement and testing the limits of my tires. Prior to installing this brace, the spongy pedal feel made me instinctively trust the brakes less than I do now. But, given the choice between direct feedback from the tires vs. indirect feedback from a squishy master cylinder...

I installed this on a basic 2012+ Focus MkIII 2.0L NA Ti-VCT. The install is best done in tandem with your front end shocks, if applicable, and TB Performance strut tower bar (which you should get), as you will need to remove several pieces of cowling from the back of the hood area to access the bolts. Fitting this brace into position is, frankly, a real PITA. It goes in there TIGHT. But it needs to be in there tight to do its job, as it's attaching to a thin piece of sheet metal above the master cylinder, which needs to be tightly sandwiched down between the provided clamping bits to provide the structural support needed to get rid of the unwanted flex.

My one complaint about this brace is that it leaves very little clearance for the clutch master cylinder fluid supply hose that connects to the side of the brake fluid reservoir, forcing you to bend the male plastic hose connector forward slightly once installed, putting stress on the side of the brake fluid reservoir itself. Now, the clutch fluid supply hose still connects to its little plastic spout without issue, but you do have to bend that little spout forward somewhat, and this puts stress on the plastic housing. Because plastic embrittlement inevitably happens to all vehicles with time, due to heat cycles and atmospheric ozone exposure, I was concerned that the brake fluid reservoir could eventually crack around this connection. My redneck solution was therefore to reinforce this union with JB Weld around the connector. It was not hard to do: just clean with alcohol and daub a good ring of epoxy around the base of the plastic fitting. Epoxy does indeed withstand brake fluid, so this structural reinforcement should be a permanent solution; I don't anticipate having any issues now.

I'm giving this 5 stars for the noteworthy performance characteristics, which I find to be 100% as-advertised, and because the entire business of modding cars generally always does involve some amount of ad hoc engineering to get everything to perform as desired.