Ford Focus ST(2013-2018) Crash Bar

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This is a direct bolt on crash bar replacement for the bulky OEM bumper bar. This crash bar will improve airflow to your radiator and intercooler while giving you arguably the best aesthetic mod for your Focus ST! Show worthy looks and a reduction in weight gives your car that unique edge you are looking for. Made of DOM steel, this unit is as strong as it is lightweight. 

-Fits 2013-2019 Focus ST WITHOUT cutting

-Extra clearance for larger intercoolers

-Improved airflow to radiator or intercooler

-Mounting tabs for accessories such as light bars, intercoolers, oil coolers or horns! Learn how to mount anything to your crash bar!

-Direct bolt on fitment for both facelift and prefacelift cars

-standard bare metal OR color options for additional price

Will this void my insurance? No. I have had several customers who have been in total loss accidents as well as fender benders and insurance covered all parties involved. Go ahead and call your company and confirm!

Note- This bar is NOT crash tested and is designed for offroad use only. You are responsible for your own safety. In the event of an accident, there may be unknown effects. I am not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur due to this product. Use at your own risk

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chris O'Brien
Great product

Perfect fitment, great build quality, and looks amazing on the car

David Lawless
Focus ST Crash Bar

Great crash bar, really easy install with tabs already in place to mount intercooler back up to, thought out and well designed!!

Kris Dodge
Focus ST Crash Bar

Excellent Item. Cleans and opens up behind the grill tremendously. The only short coming in the engineering was the lack of supports for the Washer Fluid Bottle and the PCU/ECM. Both of which could have been incorporated easily into the Radiator support mount. Simple "L" bracket. My solution was a 1.5" Aluminum "L" for the Washer Bottle and a 4.5" section of Aluminum "U" channel. Both mounted to the open hole in the Radiator support. Just making the front part of the pad a little larger and bending them upward would be more elegant. Overall it's a great custom piece.

Must have for track junkies

Besides this piece being absolutely stunning, it also allows for substantially more airflow. If you're overheating this piece will definitely help, just make sure you still have some ducting and if not make your own.

Kimberly Kendal
Excellent product

The front crash bar not only looks great but is built tough and fits perfect. I would love to see if the rest of the products this company has is build just as well.