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Chassis Brace Material Load Test
Load Testing
 Ever wondered why or how our braces are better than the competition? Check this video out and learn more about our proprietary tube technology!
An Intro to Chassis Braces
Not sure what the difference between a strut bar, mid chassis brace, or trunk brace is? Sit back and enjoy the science behind all the braces we sell!
Strut Bars vs Sway Bars
Curious what the difference between these two suspension mods are? Check out this video and learn firsthand what they do!
The Man Behind TB
Want to get to know Danny and the company?! Learn more about the history and origins of the performance upgrades you love!

Featured Products

The latest and greatest modifications for your cars suspension, chassis and appearance!

Focus ST Torque Gusset Traction Bar

This brace cuts wheel hop and torque steer while providing better steering feedback and reduced vibrations from upgraded motor mounts.


Toyota Corolla Strut Bar

This strut tower brace will improve handling, steering feel and give you show stopping looks!


Scion TC2 Rear Strut Bar

Give your Scion TC the edge you need with this trunk brace. Better handling, more control over understeer and oversteer and stunning cosmetic appeal; What is not to love?!


Focus ST Crash Bar

Give your Focus the ultimate appearance modification. This Crash Bar will make your Focus stand out above the rest!

Starting at $449

Volkswagen Golf GTI Torque Gusset Traction Bar

Reduce wheel hop torque steer and vibrations from upgraded motor mounts while improving steering feedback and handling


Focus ST Full Race Rear Motor Mount

End wheel hop and torque steer with our small bushing motor mount. 


Focus ST Strut Bar

The best strut bar on the market. Used by all the top racers, this brace will improve handling, steering feel and reduce torque steer.


Fiesta ST Crash Bar

Shaved grill with a TB Crash Bar behind and a massive FMIC, what is not to love?! Give your Fiesta ST a lightweight cosmetic upgrade!

Starting at $399.95
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Wrench Every Day bolted on just about everything we have to offer and made a review video detailing the improvement that he felt!
S3 Magazine Fiesta ST with TB Performance Products
Wooley's Fiesta ST Review 
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Toyota Corolla E210 Strut Bar
Christopher Nolan's Corolla Hatchback Review
"There is an improvement over stock as well as compared to other companies. The TB Performance Products Strut Bar gives the steering wheel a comfortable stiffness and ties my other braces together!"