Ford Fiesta ST(2014-2019) Torsion Bar

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The torsion bar for the Fiesta bolts to the stock rear torsion beam improving its effectiveness and reducing body roll. Understeer is greatly negated and traction increased. It lets the driver experience sway bar like handling at a fraction of the cost. No cutting or drilling required. Easy installation takes just minutes!

-Hand Mig Welded in the US

-Full Grade 8 Hardware

-Black powdercoat finish

-Proven track design with years of racing heritage

-If you have a base model non st fiesta please let me know as the dimensions are different

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Installed while still on OEM suspension. Car feels much more planted. I would like to say I am getting less chatter just driving normally but could just be me. Need more road time on it. Just ease of instal and just a reasonable price, let alone fast shipping, well worth the investment so far

Buy it!

Shipped crazy fast, looks good, easy install with the right handheld or power tools and makes the car feel better. What else needs to be said?

Nicholas Smith

very easy install i bought used off of a friend and it still works great you can actually feel the differnce in the cars stababillity.

Robert Burtze II
Rear end hop

I noticed on normal driving and sometimes just driving harder on back roads the tail end can get wiggle jiggle but nothing seriously wrong just you can feel it in the car but you put this on it makes it flow like butter and even help it grip more.You wont noticed the difference like the Torque gusset but its there!


I did this along with several other items. I can’t comment on it individually however crossmember, plus trunk brace, torsion bar, and I brace really tied the car down.