Toyota Corolla E210(2019-2022) Rear Strut Bar (Trunk Brace)

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***Please note there's been a change to the 2024 model we are still working on***

By tying the two sides of the hatch together and giving the driver the ability to fine tune the preload on the brace, snap oversteer is reduced while the handling of the chassis is greatly improved. In testing we found this location to be in critical need of reinforcement as the rear suspension geometry would shift under cornering leading to rear end float when the car is pushed hard. Prevent snap oversteer with this simple bolt on brace.

-Fits sedan(2019-2023) and hatchbacks!

-Double adjustable design allows fine tuning of handling

-Easy 10 minute install!

-Made in the USA

-Mig and Tig welded

-1.5" round tube construction

-High gloss black powdercoat finish(blue just for display purposes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Edwin Granados
Amazing product, very well worth it!

Easy to install, helps with building confidence on taking the corners, and it doesn’t require any sort taking off the seats. What else you want more from a trusted brand in the car community. Handling upgrades should be on everyone first priority, if you wanna go faster with your car.

Danny Nguyen
High Quality

I could feel the difference in high speed and tight turns.


It made a huge improvement of handling and stability. I highly recommend this product.

Jeffrey Steinmetz
Love the Rear Strut Bar

After everything else I have on my corolla (coilovers, front strut, camber arms, etc.), the trunk brace ties it all together wonderfully. A much tighter feel in tighter turns. Install took me about an hour all in all. 10/10. Thanks TBP


Although there were no specific instructions as how to install, it was quite easy! You won't feel any difference in slow to regular driving. However, if you push your car to a certain point, you can feel a bit more stiffness which is great!