Ford Focus ST(2013-2018) 6 Point Crossmember Brace

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Improve handling and reduce wallowing and unpredictable suspension traits by reinforcing your Focus ST crossmember with this brace! A massive 6 point construction utilizing billet cnc end cups and full tube steel construction will lock down your suspension, improve traction and increase grip. Easy installation!

-Improves handling and corner grip

-Works with the Torque Gusset Traction Bar!

-Made in the USA

-Mig and Tig Welded construction

-1"x1/2" rectangular tube steel construction for the highest strength at the lowest weight possible.

-Heavy duty CNC billet end cups

-Black powdercoat finish

-Only weighs a few lbs!

-Works with the oem brace or independently. It is your choice!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The more bracing the better

Coupled this with the torque gusset and what an improvement. The car feels much tighter in the corners. I can feel a better connection with it and to the pavement. Too notch performance as always.

Bobby Waters
6 point crossmember brace

Phenomenal fit and finish. On and off ramps are going to be a lotta fun!😉

Amazing response

If you are doing any of the bottom chassis pieces this is a must have! Install was easy, sure the subframe bolts are tight but just use a breaker bar lol. Other than that beware of rust on the old 15mm bolts when rethreading.

Lash LaRue
Quality part, quality fitment.

The construction of this brace is top-notch, like all of Danny's other products. Fitment was precise. The additional stiffness is very noticeable at speed, and I highly recommend for anyone who wants to overhaul their suspension for AutoX or spirited driving over twisty backroads.

When you install this, you're going to need to remove two 21mm bolts from the front subframe. For this, you really do need an impact wrench; mine were corroded a bit and stuck fast due to road salt and time. If you don't have one, HF sells them for reasonable prices. These bolts are in there TIGHT, and you're going to need some penetrating oil and/or propane torch if you don't have an impact. They are also (unfortunately) torque-to-yield bolts, so if you really want to be correct about it, you should replace with new bolts. I didn't, because I am a redneck who chews dip and speaks his mind, turning to the left. However, I *did* use high-strength threadlocker on these, torqued to at least 110 ft-lbs. AT MINIMUM (nobody has the torque specs for these bolts, unfortunately). YMMV. YOLO. Party on, Wayne.

Dan Cluck
Must have for modified FoST - 2018 Focus ST

After installing the crossmember brace on my first test drive I noticed less slop in the frontend and seems like better traction. The installation was easy once the subframe bolts were removed which I used a 24 inch long breaker-bar to break the bolts free. I highly recommend the crossmember brace and my next purchase will be the torque gusset. I bought my Focus ST new in 2018 my driving impression is based on 3.5 years driving without the crossmember brace (WOW what a difference).