Focus RS Crossmember Brace Installation Guide

how to install TB Performance Products focus rs crossmember brace -

Focus RS Crossmember Brace Installation Guide

Focus RS crossmember brace


Congrats on the new TB Performance Products Crossmember brace! In around 1 hour youll be enjoying some seriously improved handling! This brace reinforces the unibody to crossmember joint. This junction is notorious for causing wallowing in corners and reducing handling. Once you get this bad boy installed youll immediately notice a difference!


Step 1.) Get your car up on either jacks or ramps.

Step 2.) Locate the factory crossmember brace right where the downpipe meets with your catback.

Step 3.) Remove the 6 bolts that correspond to the brace.

Step 4.) Slip the brace on and keep all 6 bolts loose as you reinstall. You want to keep all bolts loose to prevent the brace from getting cocked and making it impossible to line up.

Step 5.) Once you have all the bolts in, begin tightening each bolt in no particular order.

Step 6.) Torque down each bolt. For the precise torque spec for your year please call your local dealership as they require your vin for torque specs. We have been told its 103 ft lbs+180* on the two forward most bolts and 35 ft lbs for the 4 smaller rearward bolts. 

Step 7.) Remove from jacks or ramps

Step 8.) Kick the tires and Light the fires its time to go run your local canyon and enjoy the added grip!



Bolt shoulder diameters seem to be relatively inconsistent from ford. You may end up needing to lightly file off some of your two forward bolt shoulder to get them to fit into the braces mounting cups. This wont hurt the strength of the bolts or cause any issues.


If you get clunking noises, this brace is not likely to be the cause unless you grossly undertightened the bolts. Common areas for clunking noises are end links, sway bar mounts, sway bar bushings, strut hat bushings, ball joints. We have never had this brace cause noises so check elsewhere.

-if you have issues with installation check the TB Performance Products Army Facebook page! There are loads of customers who have installed these parts and can help you out.


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