Focus ST/RS Shift Cable Bushing Installation Guide

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Focus ST/RS Shift Cable Bushing Installation Guide

These are assuming the Airbox and other parts that obstruct access to the Shift Arm and Cables have already been removed.
1. Remove Stock Shift Bushings from OEM Cable Head.
2. Carefully remove the green inner cup from the stock bushings
3. Place the green inner cup in the Bottom of the TB Bushing.
4. Spray a small amount of white lithium grease in on the appropriate ball of the shift arm. 
5. Use blue thread locker on the threads of the two parts of the TB Bushing
6. Place the two parts of the TB Bushing in the shift cable taking care to not the orientation of the cable. (Note the lateral cable (vertical bushing) has a clip that must face the engine block so the top of the TB Bushing with the HEX Opening should be on the same side fo the top of the clip.)
7. DO NOT tighten the two pieces of the Bushings together at this point. They should only be tightened enough to prevent the green inner cup from shifting around too much.
8. Attach the cable to the appropriate shift arm location
9. Using a 8mm Hex Key (I prefer a 8MM Hex T-Handle) and a small set of Channel Locks for the two flat sides of the bottom half of the bushing tighten the bushings until they are snug but still allow decent movement/rotation of the cable head on the shift arm studs.
1. Once Both Cables are attached and tightened appropriately place the ensure the vehicle has the parking brake applied an motor off and recommend wheels chocked so the vehicle doesn’t roll.
2. Place the Vehicle in Neutral. 
3. Release the Clip on the Lateral (Vertical Bushing) Then place the vehicle directly into 4th gear. Leaving the Vehicle in 4th gear close the clip on the cable. **Note Some will look like the photo below and others will look like actual clips with legs around the sides. Be careful not to break the legs on the clip. 
4. Now test to ensure the vehicle moves into all gears Reverse and 1st through 6th with with minimal to no issue.
5. If your shift knob inside the car doesn’t automatically return to the center neutral position when pushed left or right then you will need to slightly loosen the tension on the vertical bushing and follow steps 10 through13 again.
-The green cup does not sit flush in the bushing. What I would suggest is to apply some blue loctite to the threads on the bushing and tighten it up as much as you can that still allows the shifter to move through the gears. If it’s hard to change gears loosen it back up until you can go through the gears again.
-Use some grease on the green cup to ease it into place
-If you run into issues, check out the TB Performance Products Army Facebook page. There are ton of fellow enthusiasts who have these parts and can help you out! 

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