Focus ST/RS Strut Bar Installation Guide

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Focus ST/RS Strut Bar Installation Guide

Congrats on purchasing the best strut bar on the market for your focus! In 1-2 hours you’ll be out enjoying the improved handling, grip, and steering response that has made this strut bar the best on the market!


Step 1.) Open your hood

Step 2.) locate the upper cowl. This is the area with the two vents that the windshield wipers are mounted under.

Step 3.) using a torx bit unbolt this cowling.

Step 4.) carefully pry off the caps for your windshield wipers. These are at the base of the wiper arm. Removing this will expose a nut.

Step 5.) Before removal of this nut, use a sharpie to mark a line across the joint on the wiper arm. This will allow you to easily reposition the arm into the correct orientation on reinstall.

Step 6.) Remove wiper arm nuts snd wiper arms.

Step 7.) Remove upper cowl

Step 8.) Remove the lower cowl and set aside. This will not be reinstalled.

Step 9.) Locate and remove the factory strut bar. There are 3 bolts on each side as well as 2 nuts holding the center to the firewall. Also remove the two wiper motor bolts(one on each side)

Step 10.) Install the TB Performance Products Strut Bar Base Plates. There are two directional plates and the stud should be closest the engine bay side for each side. Reuse the oem wiper bolts and the included m6-1.0 nuts to reinstall the wiper motors.

Step 11.) Install your included heim joints into the strut bar tube with the included lock washer and jam nut. Please note one side is left hand thread and one is right hand thread. Forcing one side into the wrong hole will crossthread the bar so make sure you pay attention.

Step 12.) Position the Strut bar to slip over the studs.

Step 13.) Adjust the strut bar height so that the strut bar clears the brake master cylinder and battery box and secure the bar with the included lock washer and jam nut.

Step 14.) Rotate the strut bar and expand it until light pressure is applied to the studs. You only want this snugged. Over expansion can pop the pinch welds on the strut towers(yeah this bar is that tough!) so make sure you just apply enough pressure to snug it.

Step 15.) Reinstall upper cowling

Step 16.) Reinstall wiper arms using the previous marks to align the splines. Reinstall nuts.

Step 17.) Close your hood

Step 18.) Go take your car for a spin through your favorite canyon and feel the difference!


The bar will be able to rotate on the balls of the heim joints. This is normal and totally fine.

This brace will not cause any noises when installed properly. Any creaking, clunking or groaning is likely from other components on the car. Check your strut bushings, end links, sway bar mounts, sway bar bushings and ball joints.

There is no ill effect from removing the lower cowl. We’ve sold hundreds of these strut bars to every climate on earth and there has never been any issues caused by the bar with regard to air conditioning, heating, or engine bay smells.

If for some reason while installing the strut bar plates, your strut comes out of alignment with the holes, simply use a jack to lift that side up, remove your wheel and realign the strut.

If you have difficulties or questions about installing check out the TB Performance Products Army Facebook group. There are a ton of fellow owners who have installed these. Its a friendly place to ask questions

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