Ford Focus ST Anti Bind Adjustable End Link Installation Guide

Ford Focus ST Anti Bind Adjustable End Link Installation Guide

End Link Instructions and Installation Guide 

The install of these end links should take around an hour and final adjusting will require some trial and error or adjusting and rotating the pieces to get it ideal. Patience or a professional is our recommendation. 

1.) Put the car up in the air via ramps. You'll want to use ramps because the suspension needs to be  loaded to do this install. If you do not have ramps, you'll either need to purchase a set or get skinny! 

2.) Once the vehicle is up, disconnect the oem sway bar end links. You will no longer need these.  

3.) Install the TB Performance Products end links by bolting the bracket to the oem sway bar mount on  each Lower Control Arm. The correct orientation is with the gusseted(triangular support) facing the  front. Please view picture for further information. Do not torque these down just yet  

4.) Connect the top bolts to the sway bar ensuring that there is a tapered spacer on EACH side of the  heim joint. Tighten this down 25 ft lbs 

5.) Adjust the sway bar so that it is as close to parallel with the ground as possible. lock the jam nuts  down so that the height doesn't change.  

6.) Coat the heim joints in some white lithium grease 

Adjusting the end links 

Buckle up for some trial and error! Each vehicle will have its own fine tuning to get this right.

1.) place a simulated amount of weight in the front seat as you weigh so that the vehicle is sitting on  ramps with the suspension weighted for real world conditions. 

2.) Go underneath your car and set the brackets so that the center of the heim joint is neutral. This  means that the ball is centered and not angled in any direction. This is incredibly important because if  the ball is not neutral, you WILL get clunks.  

3.) Once the brackets are set and the heim joints are neutral, lock the bracket down and tighten it. You'll  want to ensure these brackets are TIGHT as a loose bracket will end up causing clunks.  

4.) Now that everything is tightened down, head out and give these end links a test drive.  

If you hear any sort of clunking or popping, go under and continue adjusting until the sound goes away.  Unfortunately I cannot give you much more advice than to keep adjusting the heims and if you email  me, I will respond with exactly what is in these instructions. Every customer who has reported any issue  with clunking has eventually solved the problem through trial and error adjustment of the brackets and  neutraling out the balls so keep trying!


If you have difficulties or questions about installing check out the TB Performance Products Army Facebook group. There are a ton of fellow owners who have installed these. Its a friendly place to ask questions

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