Ford Focus ST/Mazdaspeed3 2 Point Traction Bar Installation Guide

Ford Focus ST/Mazdaspeed3 2 Point Traction Bar Installation Guide

Focus ST/RS Traction Bar Installation Guide 

The installation of the traction bar is pretty straight forward and will take an hour or two depending on your strength and experience. The main hurdle is getting the oem bolts broken loose as the engineers at ford put the bolts in with a fury lol. An impact makes this job very quick. Otherwise using a breaker/cheater bar will be required. 

1.) Put your vehicle in the air via a set of ramps. You'll want to have your car on ramps because  the suspension must be loaded during installation.  

2.) Once the vehicle is in the air, begin by removing your under tray using a t-30 torx bit.  

3.) With the cover off we can see the two horizontal Lower Control Arm bolts. Remove these  using an 18mm. Warning: sometimes these bolts are EXTREMELY tight. be ready with an air  impact gun or your favorite redneck that runs on nicotine and hate with a breaker bar.  

4.) Bolt the traction bar on ensuring that you have enough clearance between your charge  pipes. While not required, some people like to replace the oem bolts with new ones. the part  number is W715485S442 

5.) Torque both bolts down to 110 ft lbs+90* this means that you will torque the bolt to 115 ft lbs  and then continue to tighten the bolt another 1/4 turn.  

6.) Reinstall the splash cover and go send it hard in the twisties!


If you have difficulties or questions about installing check out the TB Performance Products Army Facebook group. There are a ton of fellow owners who have installed these. Its a friendly place to ask questions

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