Ford Focus ST Rear Mid Chassis Brace Installation Guide

how to install a rear mud chassis brace focus st -

Ford Focus ST Rear Mid Chassis Brace Installation Guide

Congrats on your new TB Performance Products Rear Mid Chassis Brace! This brace is the solution for your exhaust rattles and banging noises with the sweet perk of improving handling and maximizing traction! In about 30 minutes youll be enjoying this brace!


Step 1.) Put your car on jacks or ramps. Some people may have long enough arms to do this without lifting the car up.

Step 2.) locate the factory brace in the exhaust tunnel. Its about halfway to 3/4 the way back and is secured with two nuts.

Step 3.) Remove the factory brace

Step 4.) Slip the TB Performance Products Rear Mid Chassis Brace on.

Step 5.) Tighten down the two nuts. There is no torque spec for this. Just use a socket wrench to make sure the nuts are good and tight. This is also a good time to snap a pic for the gram! Tag us and well share it!

Step 6.) Remove from jacks or ramps

Step 7.) Enjoy your new brace!


Notes: if you need extra clearance more than what my brace already provided, you can use some 1/2” uss washers as spacers under the brace or you can make a quick spacer with a drill and a piece of strap metal(1” wide aluminum will work well) all of these are commonly available at Home Depot or a local hardware store.

If you have difficulties or questions about installing check out the TB Performance Products Army Facebook group. There are a ton of fellow owners who have installed these. Its a friendly place to ask questions


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