Mazdaspeed 3 Adjustable Trunk Brace Install Guide

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Mazdaspeed 3 Adjustable Trunk Brace Install Guide

Congrats on purchasing your adjustable trunk brace for your mazdaspeed 3. In about 10 minutes youll have this part installed and be ready to rip!


Step 1.) open the hatch of your car. You do not need to jack the car up for this install.

Step 2.) clear out anything you have in the trunk to provide access to install.

Step 3.) remove the plastic covers of the two load points right behind the seats. Use a flathead screwdriver of small knife to carefully pry the cap off.

Step 4.) unbolt the load points by using a 10mm socket wrench.

Step 5.) thread down the adjustable ends of the trunk brace so the brace is as small as possible. Keep in mind one side is left hand thread and one side is right hand thread.

Step 6.) install the brace on one side if the car using the supplied hardware. It doesnt matter which side you start on, just bolt it in. The brace will be too small to bolt both sides in so support the other side.

Step 7.) with the one side bolted in, and holding the tab for the side not bolted in, begin to rotate the tube expanding it. Do this until it touches the other side if the hatch.

Step 8.) align the hole for the tab and install the remaining side using the supplied hardware.

Step 9.) with both sides bolted in, continue to expand the brace until its taught. Do not over expand the brace as you can damage the pinch welds here. Just go until its snug.

Step 10.) torque the bolts to 15nm

Step 11.) close up the hatch and go take it for a spin!



-If you get clunking noises, this brace is not likely to be the cause unless you grossly undertightened the bolts. Common areas for clunking noises are end links, sway bar mounts, sway bar bushings, strut hat bushings, ball joints. We have never had this brace cause noises so check elsewhere.


-if you have issues with installation check the TB Performance Products Army Facebook page! There are loads of customers who have installed these parts and can help you out.


-You will NOT need an alignment after this install.

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