Mazdaspeed3(2007-2013) Rear Motor Mount Revision Two

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Two of the largest problems facing the Mazdaspeed3 are wheel hop and torque steer. One of the main causes for wheel hop and torque steer is excessive play in the motor mounts, more specifically the rear motor mount. This play allows the engine and transmission to buck under hard launches which triggers wheel hop and torque steer. Upgrading your rear motor mount on your MS3 is critical to preventing these problems. With a stiffer and smaller bushing diameter, your MS3 will have a more direct feel and allow you to put even more power to the ground. Precision tig welding, hand formed clevis, and thick high gloss black powdercoat make this new version lighter, stronger, and even more aesthetically pleasing. Pair it with the TB Performance Products Torque Gusset Traction bar to hook every time.

-Reduce and eliminate torque steer

-Reduce and eliminate wheel hop

-Energy Suspension Bushings

-Black powdercoat finish

-Hand TIG welded

-Made in the USA

-All hardware needed to install is included

A note on bushings and how motor mounts change the NVH(noise vibration and harshness) of the car. ALL motor mounts will increase nvh. It is a product of polyurethane and the stiffer bushings. Most companies compare durometer which on such small units, is not the best measure for how much NVH will increase. What changes NVH more than anything else is bushing DIAMETER.

Small bushings have higher performance as the bushing doesnt flex as much as a larger bushing. This extra performance comes at the cost of some added NVH

Big bushings have better than stock but less than small bushing performance. This diminished performance comes at the benefit of more NVH than stock but less than a small bushing mount.

Motor mounts with polyurethane bushings need a break in period before the NVH lowers down. 500-1000 miles is usually sufficient. Once this break in occurs, the NVH will die down considerably.

I pride myself on building the highest performing products on the market and as such this mount will have more NVH than most mounts on the market but will perform better due to the smaller bushing diameter I use. If you are worried about NVH, you may want to look into a big bushing mount. If you are looking for the highest performance values, my mount will fit your needs.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth H.
If not TB performance your wrong

This rear motor Mount is probably the absolute best on the market especially for the speed platform it's super stiff and makes shifts feel like butter it's far better then any other rmm I've ever tried in passed providing such a great driving experience and feel, significantly better then most other rmm on the market but without being so harsh that you can not stand it! And I still haven't even settled yet, only about 350miles or so on it and I'm already in love!

Best RMM so far! I've tried 4 different ones!

I just installed this on my 2010 speed3 with diamond passenger and transmission mounts. I have broken 2 OEM RMMs in the past with my e43 tuned engine. After I installed the diamond trio everything was immensely better power transmission wise but the harshness and vibration with the throttle closed at around 3K was unbearable with the tiny bushings of the Damond RMM. I then installed an eBay focus rs RMM with the big PU bushing. That was comfortable but did not huge engine movement after only a couple of months of autoX racing. When I saw that the PU broke I determined that the issue on the RMM transmission NVH is the bushing diameter and so I started looking for an RMM that had a PU bushing bigger than the Damond RMM but smaller than the OEM bush. This is where the TB RMM came along. There is even a video on YouTube explaining this same train of thought. I order the TB RMM and quickly received it. The mount is very light and super tiny when compared to the other ones I've used. Installation was normal and the mount is built dimensionally correct. I didn't even have to jack the engine to align the mount so that was a pleasant surprise. The mount made the engine feel super planted like the Damond one I've used but the NVH is no longer present and I can hear more of the engine breathing rather than the mechanical vibrations on the chassis. It's is truly the best RMM I've used so far. Thanks TB performance for developing this mount and actually putting some thought and development into the design of this important part! 🙌