Ford Fiesta ST(2014-2019) Traction Bar

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End wheel hop and torque steer with our traction bar for your fiesta st! This brace links the A arms together which prevents any deflection from occurring. It will also stiffen up the steering and allow for more lateral grip in corners.

-Reduces wheel hop

-Reduces Torque Steer

-Clears aftermarket motor mounts

-Black powdercoat finish

-Heavy duty billet CNC machined end cups

-Tightens up the steering

-Durable Mig and Tig welded steel construction

-Proudly made in the USA

-Low profile so you wont scrape

-Torque Spec- 115 ft lbs

-If you have aftermarket charge pipes please check to see if there is clearance* Mountune, cobb, cpe pipes clear with lots of room. Some mishimotor charge pipes fit with my brace and some do not.

If you are looking for the maximum performance, look at the torque gusset traction bar. It outperforms every single brace on the market and is lightyears ahead of any two point brace out there.

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Great… but

It’s great, and would be best upgrade one can do on a fist… however the TB 4pt exist and is the best upgrade skip this and get the 4pt