Ford Focus RS(2016-2018) 6 Point Crossmember Brace

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Keep your car flatter and more planted in the twisties as well as shaving down your lap times with this brace! The crossmember to unibody is a notoriously weak point on the RS chassis, causing wallowing and unpredictable handling. This deflection causes unpredictable handling characteristics and keeps your RS from performing to its full potential. Bolt on extra traction and grip with the TB Performance Products 6 Point Crossmember Brace!

-Fully cnc machined jig for precise accuracy and fitment

-Heavy duty CNC billet end cups

-Black powdercoat finish(picture is raw as it was a prototype)

-Hand mig welded in the USA

-Square bar tubing for the ultimate in strength and ground clearance

-Extensive road testing and racing pedigree. This brace took over a year to complete r&d on!



Disclaimer-Ford had several widths of shoulder bolt used on the front two points throughout the years. A light sanding of the front two bolts may be needed to clearance them to slide into the cups. This will not hurt the strength of the bolts at all. 

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You want the best? You’ve come to the right place.

Not only are their products top notch so is their customer service.
I have 3 parts from them. Front crash bar, 6 point & strut tower brace. All there are the best. There is no better. I can’t wait to get the torque cassette.
I ❤️ TB Performance Products.