Ford Focus ST(2013-2018) Rear Mid Chassis Brace

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Is your exhaust banging and rattling on your factory brace? Are you looking to add some more cornering grip and traction? Solve both problems with this easy to install brace! Just replace the weak oem brace with this light weight tube steel chassis brace and bolt on some added grip while keeping the peace inside your cabin!

-Replaces weak factory stamped steel brace

-Hand mig welded construction

-Made in USA

-I beam design for highest torsional strength

-Finally a brace to clear your aftermarket exhaust!

Customer Reviews

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Simple yet effective

Nice replacement upgrade for the thin piece of metal holding the rear mid chassis together. Would pair with the 2 front and rear traction arms!

Jaime Dominguez
My rear mid chassis brace.

The installation was quick and easy I had my car back on the road in minutes. Can’t wait to see how much of a difference this makes to my focus.

Solid Piece of Kit

Bought this a while ago and remembered to drop a review now that I've used it for a while (1-2 years). I'm on a stock exhaust with a res delete. The mechanic who hack-jobbed my res delete fastened a secondary mid-pipe anchor over one of the holes this brace is supposed to mount. (side note: should've bought the TB res delete and done it myself). With some washers used as riser, I was able to mount this evenly on top of the bracket. Once installed, I did notice a nice change in steering compliance and just general feel by the seat of my pants. Just feels better. I mostly bought this a low-cost and easy-install proofing part for further purchases from TB. Needless to say I will return in the future for more chassis bracing once I've completed some other mods.

TL;DR: Solid product. Would highly recommend this part for that extra bit of late-corner stability . The only thing I had difficulty with was finding the OEM hardware as the previous owner removed the OEM mid-chassis brace. I forget the exact bolt spec but I would suggest TB put that in along with torque specs (I think it's 10 ft/lbs but I don't remember) as a note because they're often missing as the mid-chassis brace is often . Otherwise some blue Loctite and crush washers is really all you need. It's good-to-go.

Lash LaRue
Quality part!

This is a very simple and easy way to stiffen up your chassis. I installed this together with the 6-point crossmember brace when I did my exhaust, and I definitely notice the additional stiffness when changing lanes at speed on the interstate (so far everything else on suspension is stock). This will be even more noticeable if you do AutoX or spirited driving on twisty backroads.

All of Danny's products are top notch, and I recommend them all. You're getting quality powder-coated metal.

Brian thompson

Ford Focus ST(2013-2018) Rear Mid Chassis Brace