Ford Focus ST(2013-2018) Rear Traction Bar(Rear Arm Bar)

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Brace these critical points to correct unpredictable oversteer and give your car improved traction and grip! The rear end of the Focus ST tends to get a little loose and unpredictable. This behavior is caused by changes in toe from the chassis shifting under load. This easy to install brace will give you greater cornering confidence without any negative consequences!

-Heavy duty CNC billet end cups

-Black Powdercoat finish

-Hand TIG and MIG welded

-USA Made

-Reduce rear end float

-1"x1/2" Rectangular tube steel provides the ultimate in strength as well as a low profile design

-Easy install. Simply remove two bolts and bolt the brace right up

-Clears all aftermarket exhaust

-No cutting or welding

Customer Reviews

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michael pennington
Rear lower traction bar

great price, great fit, great mod.

Great product...instruction advice

I recently purchased the rear traction bar for my 16 Focus ST. Product arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. The bar seems sturdy and well built with a very nice gloss finish. During installation, I jacked the car up and put on stands. The toe arm bolts were on insanely tight. I decided to try to loosen the nut and remove it first. Wasnt happening. I struggled for a bit and time ran out as I had to run some errands. Mentioned it to my buddy who own's a auto mechanic's shop. I brought it by for them to look at. Turns out the nut is welded to the frame. Work on the bolt first, remove, place the recessed portion of the cup against where the bold head was originally, reinsert bolt, torque to 48 lbs....done. The rear end of the car feels much more solid and planted now. I recommend this product.

Does the trick

Easy, straight forward installation. Once finished I took the car for a spin and it was a whole new car. Kept it planted on turns where I used to feel it slide or lift. Great product as always!

Luis Sanchez
Love the product but...

My only complaint (which is why I am giving your four stars) is the lack of detailed installation instructions for the specific product (mainly on the rear torsion bar). We had to rely on the three pictures that each brace had on your website to get it installed and the pictures are not very detailed. Once we figured it out, installation was not difficult and I am loving the improvements. I will be buying the torque gusset traction bar and the 6 point crossmember brace in the next few weeks and hope to have better instructions.

Caleb s

This traction bar fits perfectly and looks great. You don't lose any ground clearance. And you can definitely feel a difference with how stiff the back of the car is now. And installation isn't too bad. Having a third hand would help. Nothing more than a short socket and a wrench.