Mazdaspeed3(2007-2013) Traction Bar

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Want to end torque steer and wheel hop? Do you want to tighten up your mazdaspeed 3 steering!? OF COURSE YOU DO! The traction bar for the Mazdaspeed3 bolts onto the A Arm bolts and provides a solid link to prevent A arm deflection which is one of the leading causes of torque steer and wheel hop. We hand craft our traction bars out of rectangular tube steel using both MIG and TIG welding processes for the ultimate in strength and weight savings. 

-Tighter steering

-Reduced torque steer and wheel hop

-Reduced vibrations from aftermarket motor mounts

-Heavy duty CNC billet end cups

-Fits with oem splash guard and aftermarket motor mounts

-Lightweight design with high strength steel

-Black powdercoat finish

-Hand made in the USA

-Tig/mig welded



If you are looking for the maximum performance, look at the torque gusset traction bar. It outperforms every single brace on the market and is lightyears ahead of any two point brace out there.