Scion IM(2014-2016) Mid Chassis Brace

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Keep your scion IM flat in corners and maximize traction and grip with this simple bolt on brace. This brace reinforces a critical junction between the unibody and subframe which is a significant point of weakness that causes wallowing and unpredictable suspension behavior. Bolt on one of the best upgrades for the Scion IM!

-Increases handling

-Reduces wallowing in the chassis

-Lightweight tube steel design

-Heavy duty billet CNC machined end cups

-Black powdercoat finish

-Hand MIG welded in the USA

Customer Reviews

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iM Stiff

Ive Purchased all of TB Performance Products (Rear Strut Bar, Mid Chassis Brace, Traction Bar) available for the 2016 Scion iM/ '17-'18 Toyota Corolla iM & was instantly impressed with the results. This slow little road blazer is now one hell of a canyon machine, noticeable improvements to body roll and overall handling 'round them corners. I drive my daily to and from work on some windy roads along the Sonoma Coast and Danny's products are an investment i do not regret. Now my scion is not stock, I am on coil overs, upgraded wheels, tires and brakes. but i have no doubt in my mind that all his products will satisfy weather riding stock or custom, Plus the benefit of supporting hand crafted Made in the USA! I do looking forward to any new products Danny may Build for the underdog Scion iM/ Corolla iM. Thank you for the great products and customer satisfaction.