Scion IM(2014-2016) Rear Strut Bar(Trunk Brace)

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This brace is a must do first mod for any scion IM. With an easy 5 minute install, you can bolt on serious grip and traction and push your car to new limits. This brace reduces the amount of deflection in the shock towers and increases rear end handling while also giving you impressive show winning looks.

-Increases grip and traction

-Easy 5 minute install!

-Heavy duty billet CNC machined end cups

-Black powdercoat finish

-Show stopping looks with race winning performance

-Hand MIG welded in the USA

-All hardware included

Customer Reviews

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iM Stiff

Ive Purchased all of TB Performance Products (Rear Strut Bar, Mid Chassis Brace, Traction Bar) available for the 2016 Scion iM/ '17-'18 Toyota Corolla iM & was instantly impressed with the results. This slow little road blazer is now one hell of a canyon machine, noticeable improvements to body roll and overall handling 'round them corners. I drive my daily to and from work on some windy roads along the Sonoma Coast and Danny's products are an investment i do not regret. Now my scion is not stock, I am on coil overs, upgraded wheels, tires and brakes. but i have no doubt in my mind that all his products will satisfy weather riding stock or custom, Plus the benefit of supporting hand crafted Made in the USA! I do looking forward to any new products Danny may Build for the underdog Scion iM/ Corolla iM. Thank you for the great products and customer satisfaction.

USA made chassis braces by TB Performance Products

I am very grateful that a USA owned business took the time to make top quality chassis bracing for my 2016 SCION iM. My iM is not lowered, since I prefer function over form. After owning all 3 available braces made by this one-man operation, my car now handles amazingly. Installation was simple and easy using existing bolts already found underneath my car. I'm able to drive my iM much more confidently with these amazing suspension braces that make handling even better. Please, support this one-man operation & buy his suspension products. You and your car will be happy you did.

Got All Braces for my iM !!!

I have all 3 chassis braces for my iM. I first installed the mid-chassis brace which improved steering and overall tracking by stiffening up the chassis. Second brace I installed was the traction bar which noticeably improved traction from a dead stop. Lastly the rear trunk brace was installed and that just completed the whole package by keeping the rear wheels in contact with the road at all times. This iM handles like a Boss! I highly recommend the full set of all three chassis braces for your iM. Whether it's your daily driver or track car, you can't go wrong with TB Performance Products.

Matthew Bailey
Corolla im rear strut bar

Definitely stiffened up rear end when cornering. Super easy installation went in within minutes. Clean paint job it looks like it could be a factory option. Still leaves plenty of room behind it for storage.