Scion TC(2011-2016) Mid Chassis Brace

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This brace is one of the best mods for the scion TC2! This easy to install chassis brace dramatically improves handling by removing flex that causes wallowing in the unibody to crossmember connection. Bolting this lightweight brace on will improve driver confidence, cornering grip and traction with an easy install

-Increased handling

-Increased traction and grip

-Lightweight tube steel design

-Heavy Duty billet CNC machined end cups

-Black powdercoat finish

-Hand MIG welded in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Mid chassis brace

Great quality! Needed to use a specialty socket to fit in with how twisted my car already is, but still went right up!

Easiest Install EVER!

First off let me just say that I keep being impressed by the quality of the product. This is my 3rd TBperformance item purchased and I definitely feel a difference in ride quality. Car feels stiffer and handles way better than before. Quick easy install!


Installed this a few years ago with the TRD strut tower brace. The two together make a pretty big difference in cornering. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Sure there's no moving parts, it's just some welded steel, but it feels very sturdy and the welds look good, or at least, what you can see through the super thick paint which I also appreciate. After almost 40,000 miles of driving like I stole it there still isn't any rust or bare metal showing.

Once I've finished replacing the clutch and my bank account can bounce back Im def going to start purchasing the rear chassis braces as well

Luz B.
Excellent product

This has definitely made a difference with handling, I highly recommend it.

Mateo Leiataua
Mid chasis brace.

Its a fantastic product, however im having trouble torquing the short bolt on the driver side because the cylinder part for the bolt is slightly off and a thin wall socket cant fit. Other than that i havent had any issues!