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Universal doesnt have to be complicated

Learn How to Mount Lightbars, Intercoolers, and Horns to Your Crash Bar!

I get a ton of questions regarding using my universal mounting tabs on our crash bars. It actually is super easy! I designed these tabs with the idea of giving my customers limitless potential to mount anything and everything to their crash bar without fancy tools or welders. Lights, intercoolers, horns, license plates, you name it, it can be mounted! 
I recommend using some flat aluminum strap metal that's readily available from your local hardware shop. These usually come in various sizes ranging from 3/4"to 2"...I find that the 3/4" or 1" material of the 1/8" thickness works the best. This material is super easy to cut using basic tools such as a hack saw or Dremel tool. You can easily form brackets to mate with your accessory by bending the aluminum with pliers. Simply drill a few holes with a cordless drill and you'll be set! 
With these tabs, youll be able to quickly and effectively mount anything!