Ford Focus RS(2016-2018) Front Strut Bar

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Maximize front end traction and grip and give yourself show winning looks! The front strut bar will keep your car flat through corners and improve steering feedback and feel by minimizing strut tower flex. Bolt on the the most successful strut bar, designed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts for your RS!

-Clears all intakes that follow the oem route

-Steinjager 4130 Chromoly Heim Joints

-3/16" plate steel mounting plates for the ultimate in rugged load bearing capabilities

-5/8" hardware for extra strength.

- Fully adjustable preload and height adjustment utilizing our double adjustable design

- 1 1/2" steel main tube made with all American steel.

-Black powdercoat finish

-Hand Mig and Tig welded in house here in the USA

- You will need to remove the sound symposer cowl to fit this brace. The symposer cowl is not needed for anything other than the symposer which most people chose to delete. There was no rattling or vibrations following removal