Ford Focus ST Brake Master Cylinder Brace Installation Guide

Ford Focus ST Brake Master Cylinder Brace Installation Guide

Focus ST Brake Master Cylinder Brace Installation Guide

The installation for the brake master cylinder brace is very quick and easy. It'll only take you an hour or two to bolt on some added braking power and performance! This brace bolts on slightly different to the standard brake master cylinder braces some of you may have seen but it is just as easy! 


1.) You will simply need to remove the battery box and battery.

 2.) Remove the lower cowl. If you have my strut bar, this will already be out. If you dont have our strut bar, you need to reconsider your lifes choices up until now. 

3.) With everything cleared out youll remove the single 12 mm bolt on the right side of the brake master cylinder and fit the brace up. 

4.) Using the supplied hardware, you will sandwich the oem sheet metal between the brace and the included sandwich plate. 

6.) Tighten the bolts down and cackle manically as you transform a weak piece of the car into a structural mounting point. 

7.) Reinstall battery box and battery. I shouldnt have to say this, but make sure you hook up your terminals correctly. Also top off your blinker fluid. 

8.) Go feel the difference!


If you have difficulties or questions about installing check out the TB Performance Products Army Facebook group. There are a ton of fellow owners who have installed these. Its a friendly place to ask questions

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